After a much anticipated wait, Jason and Emily Moore are back! They arrived Saturday night and after a supper of pizza and French Fries headed off for some much needed sleep.

They’re so happy to be back!

Sunday we and the Worthy’s cooked lunch for Jason and Emily as a way to say “Welcome Home!” Paul made a cake while Emma and Alessia looked on and tried to resist the temptation to lick the batter.

Shannon and I made lasagna and tomato salad.
Here is our spread, complete with sweet and unsweet tea. We were going to eat a 1:00, but it turned out to be more like 1:45 due to the guests of honor having jet lag and being a little bit tired. Due to the fact that there were two children and a pregnant woman who were hungry we started without Jason and Emily. However, they showed up just as we were finishing and a couple of us felt compelled to eat twice so that Jason and Emily would not feel alone while eating.
After lunch….Jason catching a much needed nap.

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