Busy, Busy Week

This past week has been filled with lots of stuff and people.

My mom arrived last Thursday to help out because I’ve been so pitiful lately. I’ve gotten used to her being here so when she leaves tomorrow morning I don’t know what I’ll do. I guess go back to “normal” life.

Last Saturday International World Changers arrived. They have done a really good job and have had great attitudes from what I’ve seen. Of course I wasn’t around them as much as I would have liked due to the fact that I am just now getting back my energy. However, the time I spent with them was great. They performed a drama towards the end of the week that went over well. Now we kinda know how people will respond and how we can better respond to those people.

The kicker was yesterday. Paul and I went to a wedding that was supposed to start at 11:00am. I was told to be there at 10:00am because I was singing with a group. Of course nobody else showed up until about 10:30, which is when guests could begin arriving. So, we wait…..we wait some more……and we wait some more. Finally a little past 11:30am the bride arrives and the Wedding March begins playing. It was a very nice wedding. Afterwards, I came home to spend some time with Mom who had been at my house by herself all morning. Paul went to the reception. But first he spent two hours taking pictures with the bride and groom and friends. Then he spent another hour walking around a piazza. When he finally arrived at the reception he ate around 11 courses and watched as others danced the night away. Fun times. I think he got home around midnight.

So needless to say we are taking it easy today. However tomorrow Paul will be getting up at 2:00am to go with Charlie and my mom to Rome so she can make her 6:00am flight. So maybe Monday everybody on the team can rest up until the following week when Crestwood Baptist Church gets here.

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