The things you see at a bowling alley in Italy

So, I feel the need to share a few things about our evening with everybody. We went with some friends to a bowling alley/arcade. We only bowled one game but out of five people I came in second. This isn’t saying much since three of the four people had never bowled before. But, I felt good about it.
While at the bowling alley/arcade we saw two strange sights. Strange sight number one: a grab-a-cigarette machine, you know those games with the big claw where you usually try to win a teddy bear or something that won’t give you lung cancer and others around you won’t breathe in second-hand smoke.
Strange sight number two: There was a Dance Dance Revolution game, this in itself was not strange. However, there was a guy (and I am not making this up) who came over to the game with a backpack and towel. He was dressed to go workout. He begins to go to town on DDR. He was dancing on the HEAVY level. I had never seen that level before, but let me tell you, the arrows are going so fast you can’t even see them. This guy was nailing it. He would finish a dance, towel off, stretch, and go for another dance. Paul and I both agreed we wished my brother had been there….he would have found it quite humorous. Oh, the things you see at a bowling alley in Italy.

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