Christmas Party

About two weeks ago we had a Christmas party for the people in our building. It was a good chance we thought to get to know them better. We knew them enough to say hello but not enough to know everyone’s name. Well, at the party we learned everyone’s name but since we couldn’t go write it down immediately we forgot a few. But, we know them better and feel comfortable enough now to invite them over for dinner. Thanks to Kosciusko First Baptist Church WMU for all the supplies you sent. Without them the party, and thus new relationships, would not have been made.

Some of our neighbors

Umberto eating a candy cane

Me, Umberto, and my friend Ivana

The Spread: fudge, M&Ms, peanut brittle, sugar cookies, dried fruit, cream chees and pepper jelly, mint brownies, sausage balls, and chocolate covered pretzels

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