The Smell of Gingerbread!

Paul and I made our first gingerbread house. Now, I could try to impress you by telling you I made the gingerbread myself but we all know that I am not Martha Stewart. However, I did make the royal icing from scratch, which I learned you have to beat for an extremely long time before it will not run all over the place when you try to stick gingerbread together. Below are pictures of the house and you will notice that there is a pretty side and a not-so-pretty side. I learned that I can not draw straight lines on a roof with icing. A good thing to know when decorating a gingerbread house. So, one side of the house has a clump of M&Ms on one side and the other side looks…well, better.The “bad” side, otherwise known as “side with really sporatic M&Ms”

This is the better side

The finished product and the artists who made it!

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