Everybody Loves Davidson’s

This past week was a fun-filled whirlwind of excitement! Paul’s parents came to town! It was seven glorious days of eating, seeing the sights, and being crammed into metros and very narrow streets! We had a blast and were thankful to see family. You know, I love when people come to see us. Excitement builds in the days before they arrive and as you are waiting for them to come out of baggage claim your heart feels like it will beat out of your chest. However, I do not like putting them on the plane, train or in the taxi. You are reminded of how much love you have for them and how much you miss them. So, like everybody else in the world, I love hellos but hate goodbyes.Eating yummy, “real”, pizza

At the ruins of Pompeii
On the Amalfi Coast

On the steps of a church in Amalfi

Huge waves crashing on the coast

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