2 years and counting

Today Paul and I are celebrating our two year anniversary. I can’t believe how time flies. It’s seems like only yesterday we were dancing in the hay field at my parent’s house under a canopy of lights.
The past two years have been eventful. In the just the past year we’ve decided where we want to spend several years of our lived overseas, moved four times and said goodbye to friends and family.
We have been blessed with parents who have stayed together through good times and bad. My parents have been married for about 35 years and Paul’s parents have been married for almost 30 years. Not to mention grandparents who have been married for 50 + years.
We just want to say thank you to our parents and grandparents for showing us that even though marriage is not always fun and easy it is doable. You may not like the person you live with some days but that is not an excuse to quit.

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