Olympics…past and present

Beware: This is going to be a sentimental and sappy post.
We, like the rest of the world have been clued to the TV watching the Olympics. Here they were shown live, which meant we would have had to get up at 1 a.m. in order to watch anything good. What was showing during the hours when normal people are awake? Fencing, rowing, kayaking, ribbon dancing, and skeet shooting are just some examples of the exciting bouts of strength that we got to see.
But all this watching of the Olympics had me thinking about the last time I watched the summer games in Fort Worth. For two weeks I spent every night in an apartment with three other young women enthralled by the exhibitions we saw. We were amazed as Phelps swam to victory six times.
Those three women (plus one more who I met later on in my seminary days) are not only my sisters in Christ but are some of my closest friends. We have held each other accountable, laughed and cried together, lifted each other up, and had times where we had to forgive one another. We’ve been in weddings, shared boy trouble, buried parents, rode rides at Six Flags until we got sick, and been glued to the TV on Thursday nights.
These are some of the greatest women I know. And over the past two weeks I have thought of them a lot and honestly part of me wished I could be with them.

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