The Washing Machine Saga Continues

You may recall that when we first moved into our apartment we had a few issues with the washing machine that turned out to be us just not knowing how to install a washing machine. Well, the machine that has only seen 3 1/2 months use has decided it is going to leak water all over the floor. Yesterday as we ate lunch we noticed water was flowing into our living room. A little panic set in. What is going on with this crazy machine we asked? Paul bought new O-rings, but that did not solve the problem. So, today our “doorkeeper”, Enzo, came up and tried to help us figure out what was wrong. The conclusion is that we need to call the store we bought it from and tell them the brand new washing machine we bought from them is not working.
I could come at this problem from several different angles. I could be mad about it, but kicking the washing machine is only going to get me a sore foot. I could be frustrated about all the clothes I am not getting to wash but that will only get me more lines around my eyes. I could be content and know that it will all work out somehow. The machine will get fixed and clothes will get washed….one day. There is no sense in worrying about something I cannot fix at the moment.

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