This morning I was reading John 2 about the wedding at Cana and when Jesus cleanses the temple. After Jesus rids the temple of the gamblers and traders he says “Destroy this temple and in three days I will raise it up.” If you skip down to verse 22 you’ll read that when he was raised from the dead, the disciples remembered what he had said and believed. It was only after they had seen that they believed. At Bible study the lesson was on Jesus walking on water and how Peter’s faith faltered. This is a common occurrence not just with the disciples but also with us. I know three women who never worry about anything. The first is my mom. The second is a friend in Fort Worth, Sharon. And the third is a friend and colleague of mine here in Italy. She has been such a great example to me the last three months. She trusts God in everything. She trusts that He will not put her in any situation that she cannot handle, even if she has no idea how she ended up in that situation. I love to watch her live out her faith everyday in small and big ways.
Thank you to these three women for being such great examples of faith for me.

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