Here Comes Peter Cottontail….

For Easter, Paul thought it would be a good idea to make Easter baskets for the people we have met. So…off I went to the market to buy baskets and candy and ribbon and cellophane. We also put a little card with two Bible verses on it, Ephesians 2:8-9 and John 14:6. We are giving them to some neighbors, the guys at Paul’s barbershop, guys at the pizzeria we go to, our teacher, and some people at a gelateria we go to. We are hoping that they will create opportunities to talk to people about Christ. So far, everyone we have given them to has liked them.
Paul has had some amazing opportunities. He has talked to one man, Mimbo, at the pizzeria about Christ. Paul gave Mimbo a Bible. When Mimbo asked what Paul wanted him to read, Paul directed him to John 1. Tuesday they are going to discuss it. Paul had a good discussion with the man, Francesco, who owns the barber shop he goes to. Francesco told Paul he did not believe in the church (that’s the Catholic Church) anymore. They discussed the Catholic Church and Easter for a while. That same day Paul got into a discussion with a Jehovah’s Witness. That was an interesting conversation. I will let him tell more about it all in the newsletter. But there are some very exciting things happening right now. Thank you for your prayers – they are being answered!!

2 thoughts on “Here Comes Peter Cottontail….

  1. Hello guys, we are so glad to hear from you guys and your blogspot is great. We are so glad to see how God has given you opportunities and how you both have used them for His glory. Way to go. We are so happy for you both and how you all are being used. We have our whole Sunday School class and our friends praying for the pizzeria and barber shop friends. Great to hear from you both. Paul and Toni

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