"The Foreigners"

This week has had a great start. Tuesday, I went to the market with my friend Mariarita, who has agreed to help me with my Italian. We went looking for something for her father because today (Wednesday) is Festa di Papa, or Father’s Day. It was great being out with a girlfriend, doing something we like to do.
Tuesday night after class we went walking around a piazza close to the school with our friend, Marina. (Walking around is the thing to do here….it’s free). We ended up meeting one of her friends and going to eat pizza.
Why am I writing this?? Because Tuesday was the first time since we have been here that I have gone about with a friend, without Paul. Its important because we are making true friends, not just people we talk to every once in a while. Its important because we are being invited “hang out”. Its important because it makes us feel like we belong….like we are not “the foreigners.”

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