A Day in the Life of a Roman

Saturday we went up to Rome for the night. Our friend Dudley took us around to see a few of the sights. First stop was to a prison. This is where the Apostle Paul was said to have been in prison. Even if is not, where he was kept was probably very similar. But seeing it gave me such a better perspective on Paul. When he says rejoice in all circumstances – and these were his conditions – I am really at a loss for words. He had such a joy that where he was did not matter. The tall piece of stone to the left of the altar is where the prisoners would be chained with long chains so they could move around the cell. The upside down cross is there on the altar because it is also said that Peter was held here.
We then say the Forum, which is now divided thanks to Mussolini. Right up the hill is a piazza that was designed by Michelangelo. The bronze statue is of Marcus Aurelius. For those of you who have seen the movie Gladiator, he is the emperor that is killed in the beginning by his evil son.
Then it was off to the Colosseum. Talk about a sight – whew. Can’t wait to see it at night. The Circus Maximus is close, but we did not get to see that. Saving it for the next trip. If you have seen Ben Hur the big chariot race is in the Circus Maximus. (Yes I relate everything to movies).
At San Giovanni ( a church) the heads of Peter and Paul are said to be kept. There are huge statues of all the apostles and Paul. Each statue depicts a certain characteristic of each man. Peter is holding the keys to heaven. Paul is holding the sword of truth. Matthew is stepping on a bag a money (a reference to his life as a tax collector), Bartholomew is said to have been killed by being skinned. These were amazing works of art.

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