The Washing Machine That Was Almost Forsaken

Before I begin the description of the adventures of the washing machine, allow me to say that Paul and I are well. Language school is challenging but we are learning so much. And now the adventures of the washing machine.
We got our brand new washing machine about three weeks ago when we moved into the apartment. By that time, we had a pretty good sized pile of dirty clothes in the floor. So you can imagine our joy of being able to wash clothes. With excitement I loaded the machine (and by load I mean I put about 3 shirts, two pairs of socks, and maybe one pair of pants). Upon opening the door of the machine after it was through washing, the clothes were SOAKED!! I had to wring them out in the bathtub. After a few days of this I sat down with a dictionary and the owner’s manual ( the manual has no English instructions) and tried to figure it out. But no – my attempt was in vain. I took the manual to Shannon Worthy who helped me figure it out. I was able to get the correct cycle finally, but then the machine began to rock and bang against the walls and sometimes walk across the floor. This went on for days and days. Everyone told us it was normal. Ok….but I did not think so. Yesterday after school, I put some clothes on to wash and it just so happened that our friend Dudley, from Rome, came to visit and go over a few things and heard the loudness that is our washing machine spinning water out of the clothes. He was kind enough to look at it for us. It turns out that we had not taken the bolts out of the back that are only in the machine for transport. Aren’t we smart!! But to our defense neither of us had ever bought a new washing machine. So now it is working just fine. So maybe I can make a dent in the pile of clothes sitting in the floor of our bedroom.

2 thoughts on “The Washing Machine That Was Almost Forsaken

  1. Hey guys, I can only imagine the frustration you where going through. By the way our dryer is not working here in the States. I think this is God’s way of getting us ready for Brazil. Sometimes I think God has a funny side and is looking down at us and laughing. I am glad that your friend was able to help and what a way to deepen your friendship. Great job! I know God has something great stored up for you guys and the Napolians you are going to meet. Talk to ya later. We are praying for you guys and love it when we get to hear about what is going on with you all. Toni and Paul

  2. Oh the memory’s you two are making!!!!!!!!!!!! Hang in there! So glad you two are doing good and enjoying your walk in life. Keep up the good mom

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