Looking back on my time in Fort Worth, I see how God was using that time for so many things. One was getting used to not being around for things that happened back home in Mississippi. Over the four years I lived there, a great many things happened that I was not able to get home for, such as, my brother’s college graduation, my grandmother and my father had surgery, the birth of my niece, the accident that involved my grandparents and aunt and uncle. I am sure there are many other little things that I missed out on as well. And although I wish I could have been there for all those events, whether good or bad, I can’t helped but think that God was using those experiences to prepare me for the future. I remember feeling that maybe that’s what was happening at the time but just ignoring it. Turns out that is exactly what was happening (in my opinion that is). Over the next two years there will be lots of things I will miss: births, deaths, marriages, graduations, recitals, etc. But God has called me to something, to somebody. I know that at times I will want to be in two places at once, but I know that I cannot abandon the people God has called me to. In a way, this is my cross – to leave behind so many people and future events in order that someone in Naples may come to know Christ. This is not my struggle alone but it is the struggle for most people who go overseas. It is comforting to know that others know what I am going through and that my Father is with me, holding me and also my family that I will soon leave behind. 

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  1. So well put and so true. He did the same thing to me in my life…distanced me from my family for a total of 10 years before I actually went overseas. He is so sweet to us to prepare us in the ways that He knows we need…and even in the last 6 months I was able to live in the same town with my family before going overseas…such a sweet little gift. Soak it up…I know you will. I think this is your last holidays with your families before you go and I know you will enjoy them immensely. This is our first without ours…and God is so good to provide other things to fill the void. Matthew 19:29Mackenzie, you don’t know me by the way…but Paul will fill you in. Good to “meet you.”

  2. Mackenzie, YOu are so right in your comments about how God has been preparing you. When God gets ready for you to take a new direction, it is always in sequence with what he has already been doing in your life.For he will expand your character to prepare you for his next assignment. God Bless You and Paul for your decison to accept God’s invitation to do HIS WORK.

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