Last week, as we sat in class, it began snowing – heavy. Everyone was on pins and needles to get outside. Being from the deep South, we don’t see lots of snow so Paul wanted to take pictures. Here is me dancing in the snow. Other than the “great snow storm of 07”, our weeks have been pretty uneventful, but we are mostly ready just to get home and spend some quality time with our families. Our time here has been great, but it’s definitely time to head back to the deep south for Christmas, say some goodbye’s and begin our next chapter in life. We can’t wait to see everyone next week!

2 thoughts on “SNOW – BUT NOT FOR LONG

  1. Hey guys! I enjoy reading the articles posted on the site. We look forward to keeping up with you guys and lifting you up to the Father regularly. Let us know if there is anything we can do for you while you are in Italy, and we will do the same while we are in South Asia!

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