Another Child of God

Last night Paul and I and another couple went out to eat. We went to this great Italian/Greek place. Our waitress, Kim, was so great. After about the second time she came to our table she says that we exude joy. (Just wait, it gets better) We ask her how we can pray for her and she and a Christian co-worker join us in prayer. Everytime she comes to the table we talk about God or where she is in her life or what she wants out of life. She tells us that she is unhappy and she knows she needs Christ. She feels the need to be in a church and she has felt God working on her the last few weeks. (by this time we are all extremely excited about what God is doing) So we share our testimonies, explain what joy is and where it comes from. Her response is “How do I get that?” OH MY GOODNESS!!! So we share how you become a Christian, she pulls up a chair and we pray with her as she accepts Christ as her Savior and became another child of GOD!!! YEAH!!!!! She didn’t have a Bible so we ran next door to the book store and bought her a Bible. It was one of the greatest things I have had the privilege to be a part of. How awesome that God allowed us to be a part of that. Praise God. I have been doing Jesus dances ever since. You know – when you are just too excited and filled that you just can’t help but jump and dance and sing praises. WOW – GOD IS GOOD!!!

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