You ‘re only as old as other people make you feel

So, Paul and I both turned 26 this year. Now most of you reading this would say, “Ah, to be 26 again,”or “26 ….I’m 26, that’s not old, what’s up with this title?” Since being in VA, I have realized that apparently if you are 26 and MARRIED, you are considered old or older. Why am I rambling on and on about this you might ask? Paul has had at least one person say “Sir” to him and I don’t know how many people have called me “Maám”. We baked some cookies for a girl in our quad for her birthday and she wrote a very nice thank you note to Mr. and Mrs. Davidson. She turned 22. 4 years difference and I am Mrs. Davidson. OH MY!! Now, I know that it is a sign of respect that we good Southerners use. But really, come on. I expect children and maybe even teenagers to call me maám, but twenty-somethings?? So now, though I am not old, I am officially receiving the sign of respect that I have shown to others who are “older” my entire life. At least they are not saying “Huh”, which we all know would get you a whippin’ from anyone above a certain age that you said it to.

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