The first few days

I thought it would be fun for you guys to hear about some of the funnier things that have happened since we arrived. Trust me when I tell you there will be many, many more. I can’t wait. (nothing like a bit of sarcasm after lunch, eh?)

1. I. DONE. DID. LEFT. MY. GLASSES. IN. ‘MERICA. I know this happened before we left, but it is still classic MacKenzie. My mother-in-law warned me that I would forget them. I brushed off the warning, but in hindsight perhaps I should have heeded it. It is nice that she knows me so well. So I guess that’s a positive to the situation. Said mother-in-law is mailing the glasses and in 6-10 days I should be seeing things in the distance clearly.

2. Even with a Pull-Up on, Lil’ Paul can have an accident…on an airplane seat. And no, I didn’t tell anyone. Makes you wonder what you are sitting on while flying, doesn’t it?

3. On our first night in Salerno, the kids learned not to walk in the grass because you might step in a little present left by a doggie. Needless to say grass is just for looks.

4. Lil’ Paul has learned the bidet is not a little sink to wash his hands or to fill up his cup.

5. Lil’ Paul and Gingernut have learned how to fold their pizza to eat it and the Italian word for Smurf is Puffo.

6. After calling the owners of the apartment we are staying in about the washing machine not working and them sending someone up to look at it, I learned to first make sure the plug is in all the way.

We are without internet, so post will be sporadic for a while. But I would like to say “thank you” for all the prayers and support and love and encouragement we have received. It is somewhat overwhelming. We miss you all but are falling into life here with some ease. We are prayerfully hoping to find a home soon and get settled.

Much love,


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