Dear REVO,

Paul and I had an opportunity a couple of weeks ago during the services of each campus to address the church one last time. I opted not to say anything for a couple of reasons. I really didn’t know what I would say. More importantly, I felt like anything I would say would take away the focus from God and put it on us. Wesley and Paul did a great job at keeping our focus on whom it should have been. 

But there are things that I want the people who make up REVO to know. Please excuse the format that I am using but it seemed the most efficient way to reach you all. 

It is rare that a person can say being a part of a group of people have made you better. REVO, you have made me better. I have grown and matured in my walk with Jesus, in how I view the world, and how I approach life since being a part of REVO. Thank you.

When we first moved here three years ago I didn’t really know anybody. I was still dealing with the awfulness that is morning sickness so I wasn’t able to meet people for a few weeks after we arrived. To be honest, it took a little while to fit in and find my place because of it. But you, church, welcomed me and lovingly helped me find my place. Thank you. 

You have loved our children with incredible abundance. Thank you. 

There are a few groups of people I’d like to address. 

To Elizabeth, Shana, Linda, Lauren, Cary, and Leigha. You were all so gracious as I attempted to lead that group. You challenged me, pushed me, encouraged me, loved me, and stretched me. You helped push me closer to Jesus and I don’t know that I ever would have read the entire bible in a year without you. You are all so dear to me. I love you. 

To the Wednesday night couple’s group on North Campus. I never would have thought a group of people could connect so quickly. I am still amazed at how it happened with all of us. Some of my favorite times in the last few months has been sitting in a circle hashing through hard things with you all. One thing that I am sorry about in leaving is that I do not feel that I have had enough time with you. I love you. 

To Erin and Heather. Thanks for making it safe to be vulnerable and for helping me see my sin and how to change things that need changing. Some of the most significant and gospel-centered conversations I have had occurred sitting on a couch sipping tea or coffee with one or both of you. I love you. 

To the Sunday Lunch Bunch, both past and present. Words fail me…almost. Thank you for coming over to eat lunch with us each week and invading our lives. It was a most welcomed invasion. Trying to figure out how we would all fit at the table and then trying to carry on conversations while the kids were constantly interrupting has been something I look forward to each week. Thank you for being a consistent part of our lives for the last three years. I love you. 

That’s about it, I guess. I have loved, absolutely loved, being a part of REVO. It has been something special to see it from the being until now. I will miss so many things, but most of all I will miss you. 

Much love,


One thought on “Dear REVO

  1. The Blevins will for sure miss you guys so much. I know for sure you guys are doing exactly what god wants you to do. To show others in the world who god is and that god is not dead. We can not be selfish and ask you to stay and make leaving that much harder than it already is. Just know you always have that Wed. night group family here anytime for a visit. Love you guys and will miss you greatly.

    The Blevins Family

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