Flowers, Trees and Surprises

People showed up today.

At my house.

And they did amazing things.

About a month ago my friend Bre called to tell me the guys from our rGroup wanted to fix up the backyard as a surprise for Paul. After I finished sopping into the phone, Bre and I found a date that would work.

So today….

the Duck Dynasty crew paid us a visit. No, no. That’s just our friend Jake jackhammering on the jagged cement left over from the pool that once lived in our backyard. 

Bre and Nikki brought me all kinds of wonderful flowers and pots to put on the deck.  My deck now has color. See?

Nikki’s finance, Travis, is an arborist. He was in charge of getting all the dead trees down. Heave ho, Travis!

Mark was in charge of hauling the debris to the road. I failed to get a picture of the  mountain of debris in front of our house. But so that you have somewhat of a mental picture…I can’t see the house across the street. That’s how high the debris is piled. I exaggerate not.

This is Cody, Mark and Bre’s son as he proves he is master of the ax. Can you handle…

 the power that is behind this swing?

 I think not….I.Think.Not.

It was not all work and no play. The kids had tons of fun pointing at the adults hard at work while the hardest thing they did all day was get their swings going back and forth.

 See…I told you there was swinging.

 And ladder climbing. I am pretty sure Lil’ Paul went around drinking any open Gatorade he found in the yard.

 There was lots of laughter.

 And playing in dirt.

So much was accomplished today. I have a flower bed, pots filled with beautiful flowers, and my yard now looks twice as wide as it did yesterday. Thank you sounds so trite. But thank you is what I have to give to Amy, Mike, Amy’s dad, Josh, Mark, Bre, Cody, Sierra, Jonathan, Nikki, Travis, Jake, and Lynsey. 
Oh, and Paul was totally surprised. Gold star for me for keeping the big secret for a month!
Secret-keeper of the month, 

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