Christian Comedy Chicks

We made it to Louisiana…and I am going to boast a little bit here. We made it in record time. We made a 850.46 mile trip in 13 hours. Yes folks, you read that correctly. We made a 15 hour trip in only 13. Whoop-whoop!
No speeding was involved while I was behind the wheel.

When we set out I decided to download some comedy podcast to keep me awake when it was my turn to drive, and I stumbled upon the Christian Comedy Chicks.

I found myself laughing out loud at times, so loud in fact I was afraid I would wake the sleeping peeps in the truck.

The Chicks are Jessica Ramirez and Laura Mae Poore, best friends who joined forces to make a powerful touring and radio comedy duo. But they are more than comedy. They are encouraging and uplifting and real and I was hooked after the first fifteen minute podcast.

They got me from Anderson, South Carolina to somewhere in Alabama. Then from Philadelphia, Mississippi to Ruston, Louisiana.

You can check ’em out  on their facebook page or on their website. 

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