The latest antics from Gingernut and Lil’ Paul

Lil’ Paul walked around the house with a tube of toothpaste he had swiped from under my nose saying, “Bo-bo….bo-bo,” as he wiped toothpaste on his leg trying to fix his bo-bo.

Gingernut, taking on her alter-ego, Lily Puppy, has taken to howling “Oh, How I Love Jesus” at the top of her lungs. It’s sweet and precious and blesses my heart. It also makes me laugh.

Lil’ Paul sneaks into the fridge any chance he can. He usually looks for Gingernut’s undrunk milk from the morning, swipes it, runs to the back porch/playroom, shuts the door, hides in the corner, and proceeds to guzzle as much of her milk as possible before someone finds him. Today there was no milk cup but there was a half used can of evaporated milk that he proceeded to dump all over my couch.

You never know if Gingernut is being herself or some animal. If you call her Lily Puppy when she is not being Lily Puppy she will now say, “No! I’m not Lily Puppy; I’m just Lily.” I’m so happy to have clarification instead of having to go through a list of alter-egos before saying the correct one.

Lil’ Paul never meets a stranger. You know this because while in any store or standing in any line he will begin make kissy faces at the closest female. He does not discriminate against age, color, or religion.

As I type this Lil’ Paul is trying to get my camera. When I tell him “No” he just looks at me and bats his eyes, like that will make me change my mind. Melt my heart it will, change my mind…not so much.

Thank you for tuning in to this edition of “The latest antics from Gingernut and Lil’ Paul.” Check back soon as I am 100% positive that there are more to come.

Lover of her child’s antics,

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