Super Barks

     Lily has had an alter ego for approximately the past two years, affectionately called Lily Puppy. As you might can guess she acts like a puppy. She barks, howls, growls, pretends to eat and drink from her bowl, plays fetch, scratches with her “hind” leg, etc, etc. She even goes so far as to not respond to you unless you call her Lily Puppy. We’ve gotten so used to it we can understand what she is saying when she barks. For example, I’ll say, “Lily Puppy, would you like to go outside?” Lily will respond with a bark that is in the tone of an affirmation. What can I say? She has a great imagination and it helps make the days more interesting. 
     Her intensity only increased when she saw the movie “Bolt”, as one might imagine. Wouldn’t your desire to be a dog increase after seeing a movie about a super dog, too?
     Earlier this week my friend Heather and I took our kids to a park. Lily started playing with the other kids who were there. I was so excited to see her playing with kids she didn’t know, reflecting how she never meets a stranger and can get along with anyone. Then, I noticed she was growling at the them. Then there was a bark or two. And then…
     What happened next was one of those moments you are glad someone else witnessed so people will believe it is true. I saw my daughter bend over, put her hands on the ground…
superbark the children in front of her. It looked a little something like this, with the dramatic “paws” going into place and everything:

Wondering if I can understand dogs better now,
The mom of Lily Puppy

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