Canceled plans, faith and eternity

    Two weeks ago Nathan preached a great sermon that you can listen to on the podcast.  The topic was what do you do when you believe and trust in who God is and what He says He can do and when you ask Him for something, He doesn’t respond the way you want Him to. When you ask Him why, He says, “Because I said so.” Nathan went on to talk about James 4:14, how our lives are like a vapor or a mist that dissipates quickly. God has eternity in mind, while we only have our finite lives in mind. God’s response to our prayers is in view of eternity. So if He says, “Because I said so,” there is probably a really good reason…one that has eternal significance.
     That’s the sermon I heard the Sunday before all our plans came to a screeching halt. The news we received at first made me angry. I wanted to be anxious, scared and nervous. I wanted to find someone to talk to about the whole thing. I wanted to fix the problem.
     Six months to a year ago I would have done all of those things, and after I had done them all I would have turned to God, probably to help me as I fixed the problem. To be honest, I did talk to a couple of people about it, but the first thing I did that night when I was alone, which was in the car, was cry out to God. I wanted Him to help my unbelief. I wanted Him to help me trust Him. I wanted peace.

 And that is what He gave me.

     I am not angry anymore. I am not anxious or scared or nervous. I am not trying to fix the problem. I did talk to a couple of people about it, but I did not scroll my contact list to find someone who would listen and feel sorry for me and my situation.
    God is a great God, who has eternity in mind. I realized a few days ago that had Paul and I known about the situation we now find ourselves in a few months ago we would not have made some of the choices we made, which have been good choices. So we live every day trusting the One who made us and sustains us and has an eternal plan. And maybe there are many things that need to be accomplished before all those plans we had been making need to begin…things that will have an eternal impact.

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