The Fathers in My Life

This is my father, who has loved me since I was born. He taught me how to hammer, plant a garden, change a tire, check the oil in my car, and repair a busted water pipe. More importantly, he taught me how to work without complaint, to help a friend in need, to put others before myself, to fight the fights that need fighting and how to know what those fights are, to trust God even when it is hard and I might not want to, to laugh at myself, never to lie or cheat, to have integrity, to do what I say I will do, to push through difficult situations, that sometimes being present is better than any words I could say. He is a rock. He is steady and stable. 
This is my father-in-law, who came into my life seven years ago. He welcomed me not only into his home but also his family without hesitation. He has loved me as his own. He works hard, plays hard, loves big, gives generously, helps always, and is open hearted. He also gives really, really good hugs.
This is the father of my children. He is devoted to them, loves them, teaches them to love and obey God, shows us all how to live out that love and obedience. He does puzzles, colors, plays puppy dog, kitty cat, and dinosaur, reads books, plays Candy Land, goes on adventures, turns into a tickle monster, splashes in the water, plays chase in the backyard, plays with play dough, and turns ordinary blocks into castles. And our children absolutely adore him.

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