It’s been a while and lessons I learn while Paul is gone

I have a job besides the job of mother, house cleaner, chef, launderer of clothes, and bather of children that 9 months ago consumed my life. I guess most of you know that I work of Forsyth Technical Community College…you also know that since starting said job I have done little in the way of blogging. Blogging takes time…and time is something I am constantly running out of.

Here’s a brief catch up on the last few months though:
Caleb got teeth, learned to crawl, started eating big people food, learned to walk, can high five and throw a touch down signal up in the air on command.
Lily has more hair than I care to comb out at night with tons of sticky stuff tucked away in the curls that are comsuming her head. She is also a caring, funloving little person who loves to be tickled.
Paul is in an undisclosed country…for the second time this year.

This leads me into lessons I learn while Paul is gone. The first time I can remember paul going away for several days we were still in Italy. Lily was still very small and Paul and our then supervisor, Charlie, set off to go to the east coast to a Hill Song conference thingy. In case you didn’t know, I am a person who is, by nature, fearful and dramatic. I create scenarios in my head and then become so overwrought by emotion that I am a heaving sob of a mess curled up in a fetal position on my bed. So, needless to say when Paul left me for all of two or three days I was a big fat mess…until I read Psalm 34:4, “I cried out to the Lord and he heard me and took away all my fear.” That one verse calmed me, soothed me, comforted me. It continues to be a verse I cling to.

Paul left for the before-mentioned country on Sunday and fear and dramatic scenarios began to creep back in. As I journaled last night I asked myself, “Do I trust God in things when I don’t know what is going on?” You see, Paul had a little hiccup on his journey and I won’t hear back from him until he gets back to the US. This has the potential to create worry. So I ask myself again, “Do I trust God even when I can’t be there, when I can’t see, when I have absolutely no idea what is going on?”

I guesst that is the question of the week.

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