Making a Difference One Name Tag at a Time

This is my second post in my Making A Difference Series. You can read the first one by clicking on the following link:

When Paul and I started dating, I went to church with him at 121 Community Church in Grapevine, TX. Vince and Sharon Rice greeted us at the entrance, giving us a name tag. Every Sunday after that, we went to the same entrance, where Vince and Sharon would give us our name tags.
“Hello’s” turned into “How are you doing’s”, which turned into deeper conversations. None of us could have known what would have come from a simple greeting and name tag.

Vince and Sharon later became our small group leaders and began pouring into us personally. I find myself quoting them, referring back to things they have taught me, and thinking about truths they continue to speak into our lives often.

I don’t know if I have the space to write all the ways they are making a difference, but I will share a few things.

Vince and Sharon share what they have with others. From money to knowledge to wisdom, they help others when they see a need arise.

Vince and Sharon pour themselves out into the small groups they lead. Their couples group in particular has reproduced itself so many times I have lost count. That is a testament to their faithfulness to teach Scripture and not apologize for it, to love people, and to make disciples who make disciples.

Vince and Sharon live sent. They recognize who is in their circle of influence, pray for those people, speak truth into their lives, and share Christ’s love with them. They also go outside their circle to other countries to share the same love of Christ to people they may or may not see again. They fight injustices in the world, one ghetto, one brothel, one orphan at a time.

It is impossible to share with you the impact these two people have had not only on our lives, but countless others. They are making a difference for the kingdom every single day.

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