The Big Serve

The Big Serve was a service project Revo was involved with a couple of weeks ago. It was spearheaded by Summit Church. It was a four day event in which participating churches blitzed their communities with service projects. Over 1200 people from three churches volunteered over those four days, loving their neighbors and helping out their communities. You can check out an interview with Andy Cook, the man who started it all, that was on the news here.

Some took food to a local food bank, stocked the pantry, and packed boxes.

Some did everything possible to get paint all over them. All while working hard.

Some, if you couldn’t guess from the last picture, painted.

Some worked to finish up building a Habitat for Humanity house

Some were super excited to be there

Some lifted really heavy metal looking things at the Habitat house.

Some scrubbed floors and walls at The Children’s Home.

Some ate cookies

Some watched them eat cookies…and maybe had a few themselves.

Some carried buckets of something or other gleefully

All left knowing they had contributed something that was bigger than themselves and more than they could have done individually.

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