A Nomadic Love Story….Part Twelve, Meeting HIS parents

Sitting in Panera Bread that night trying to pretend that Paul had not just asked my father if he could ask me to marry him was weird to say the least. We all got through it as best as we could. I was on pins and needles the whole time wanting to ask Paul how it went. He, of course, would give no details.

The weekend passed and my family went home to Mississippi. I packed up my apartment that next week and moved into Dr. Gordon Borror’s house. Dr. Borror was one of my professor, and he and his wife were going to Oregon for the summer and needed someone to house sit. Fortunately for them, I was in need of a place to stay.

I was at the house just long enough to get comfortable and my clothes unpacked when Paul and I left to spend a few days in Louisiana and then Mississippi. I had not met Paul’s family yet, and I really didn’t know what to expect. I mean, you can tell someone all about your family, but until you meet them, you have no idea what you are getting yourself into.

I did not think I had started on a good foot. When we walked into the house of Paul and Juletta Davidson I walked in, looked down, and saw the fattest Dachshund I had ever seen in my life. I’ve still never seen a fatter one. I believe I commented on the obesity that is Abigail, the daughter of the Davidson household. Paul’s mom replies,” Hey! Don’t talk about my dog like that.”


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