A Nomadic Love Story…Part Two, On Second Sight

Summer passed away and fall quickly approached. Classes resumed, and I was quickly back in the old routine of school, practice, work. I began to look forward to college football kicking off and before I could blink it was October.

October. A great month. What’s not to like? Football is going strong, the leaves are changing, deer season has started, and Halloween approaches. I like Halloween for two reasons. Reason one: you can dress up and people won’t think you’re crazy. Reason two – and most importantly: CANDY!!!! YUMMY CANDY!!!!!!! I mean, what’s not to like?

Halloween 2005 I was sitting in my apartment in Carroll Park, probably doing absolutely nothing. I was awoken out of my stupor by a loud knock at the door. Upon opening it, I find a ghost and a tall guy with one of those fake behinds strapped to him. My friends James, the ghost, and Carl, fake behind guy, had come to whisk me away to a costume party on the next street held by some people I knew vaguely. On the way out, we decided to grab Tanya and drag her along. After all, I was going to need someone to stay by side since I had no idea if I was going to know ANYBODY at this party.

On arrival I realize that these seminary students have gone all out on their costumes. There was an African lady, a terrorist (no, I’m not joking), a school girl who looked more like Alice – the one from Wonderland, Dr. Blaising (the assistant dean at Southwestern Seminary), and the scary looking, snot-faced nerd.

Not too many people approached Tanya and I…except the scary looking, snot-faced nerd. Who was he? Because he was playing the part really well, staying in character the ENTIRE night. Turns out, it was Tanya’s ex – Paul. And this was the second time I ever saw Paul H. Davidson. A lasting impression was made.

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