Serving Hard

Last Saturday volunteers from Revo woke up before the sun rose (ok, maybe not THAT early) and made their way downtown to help out with the Rescue Mission 5K. What is the Winston-Salem Rescue Misson? Well, you check it out here. I would write more about it but Lily has woken up and Paul has to leave for work soon. Therefore, I must hurriedly write this post.

The wacky volunteers from Revo…don’t they make you want to join in on the fun?

Kelley and Jessica – This was probably taken after a couple cups of coffee and before they ran. Just a guess though.
Here come the front runners.

The rest of the pack.

This is where I would have been, had I been able to run the race. Did I say run? It probably would have been more like walking…at the pace of a snail.

What it’s all about.

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