After a two month absence….

Lily hunting eggs

The 9 grandchildren and grandmomma…when did we grow up? I remember races and playing baseball in the yard.

Laying with Pop in the grass

Lily with cousins Faith, Elena and Isaiah

Me and Daddy walking turkey hunting.

A lot has happened since I was last able to blog. I’ll try to recap quickly…and also that I’d start with pictures.

1) We found out we were going to have another baby! YEAH! It was really exciting for about 2 weeks. Then….then….it hit. It was only slight nausea at first. But it slowly got worse until I was laid up in the bed or in the bathroom (I’ll spare the details of what was happening in the bathroom). After about a week or so I decided it was silly for me to be sick all day when I KNEW I could get a little pill that would make it all go away. I got said pill and said pill did not make it all go away. Much to my disappointment. So I have been laid up in the bed, more or less, until recently. A friend told me a couple of days ago, “You’re finally getting some color back.” I guess I don’t look quite like a zombie anymore.

2)We have moved to Winston-Salem, NC. We are currently staying at a mission house. In two weeks we will move to another mission house and then begin looking for a house to buy. Weird. I have never even bought a car…or a washing machine for that matter. Now I will soon be buying a house. At least I hope soon. I refuse to unpack my suitcase because I refuse to have to repack my suitcase in a short amount of time.

3)Paul is loving his job as the missions pastor of Revo Church. He led his first mission project last Saturday and I think it went pretty well from the people I talked to. He is so happy with what he is doing…he’s busy, but so happy, and that makes me happy.

4)Lily has taken to crossing her arms. She just walks around like that. Sometimes when she’s waiting on me she’ll do it too. She has also finally gotten some more teeth. I was really concerned about that for a while. And she has fallen for baby dolls. Maybe it has something do to with us telling her there is a baby in mommy’s tummy.

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