Lazy Days with Snow

Around 3:00p.m. we looked out the window, after anticipating it all day, and saw this…

(great picture, isn’t it?) We all put on some winter wear and headed outside to play in the pouring snow. It hadn’t accumulated too much at this point, but we had fun nonetheless.

We went inside after about 15 minutes. However, 30 minutes after going inside the warm, cozy house, Lily starts pitching a fit. She brings me my gloves and I think she just wants to put them on. She still hollers, brings me my gloves, I put them on her, she takes them, she hollers and the whole cycle starts over. This lasts for a good 10 minutes. Growing impatient with us, she then she walks over to the door, picks up her coat and starts to put her little arm into it. She then walks it over to us, asking us in her own little 13 month old way to please put on her coat and take her outside to play in the snow. We played for another 20 minutes or so and little Miss Lily had a great time!

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