What’s next?

I honestly can’t remember if I have blogged about what is next for us or not. If I have, then you get to read about it again!! YEAH!

Paul is going to be the missions pastor at a new church in Winston-Salem, NC, called Revo Church. We got connected to it through a friend we went to school with, Russ Bennett. It is kind of a long story, so I’ll try to condense it. Russ brought some teams over to Naples from Anderson University several times. The last time he came he told us about the church and asked us to pray about whether or not we would like to be involved, with Paul serving as the missions pastor.

At the time we were still trying to figure out what our next step was going to be. We honestly had no idea. We did feel, even though Naples was home and some awesome things had been happening, that the door to Naples was closing for us. Paul had sent in some applications and been looking for a job in churches in LA but nothing came of it. So we prayed and after much prayer (and some tears to be quite honest) we felt that God indeed was leading us to NC. It was a job that Paul has always wanted to serve in, in order to equip others to live missionally. Neither of us have ever had any kind of church planting experience and what better way to gain that experience than with a group of people whose passion is planting a church that will serve God in all aspects.

The way the church is set up the staff have to raise their own support for the first two years and hopefully after that they will be able to be on a salary from the church. So, that means fundraising. That means trusting God is going to provide for us to go and do what we feel He has asked of us. That means learning how not to worry about it all.

If you’d like to learn more about the church, including where the name Revo comes from, check out http://www.discoverrevo.com.

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