Festival of Lights

So there will be several Lily posts to come. Sorry, lots of fun things have happened recently and I am behind in blogging. Other stuff has happened and I promise to sit down sometime soon and write about them. But first…

We journeyed to Nachitoches, LA for the Festival of Lights. For a frame of reference for you, this is the town where “Steel Magnolias” was filmed. We watched a parade and then headed down to 1)stand in line for a bathroom for about 45 minutes, 2)eat tons of food including meat pies, kettle corn, and funnel cake, and 3)watch the fireworks and the Christmas lights come on.

Waiting for the parade to start.

We had to wait a while.

Cap worked very hard at getting Lily beads, candy and stuffed animals.

The kiddie train

Hillbilly float…maybe it is a cajun float instead.

Lily and one of her prizes that Cap got for her.

Just thought her hair was crazy fun.

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