My last post was about Lottie Moon, and I hope by reading it you learned some stuff about her and why she lived and died serving the Chinese.

This time of year is when Southern Baptist take up the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering, which goes straight to the International Mission Board.

But that is kinda vague, right? What does that money do? Well, here is a short, inconclusive list:

-buys ministry supplies, including Bibles, Jesus videos, etc.
-pays missionary salaries
-pays missionary medical insurance
-makes it possible for missionaries not to have to have a second job in order to support their families, which enables them to be able to focus soley on doing the work they were sent to do
-pays for housing
-funds evangelism outreaches

Again, these are just a few ways your contribution to the Lottie Moon Offering are at work. Please, please give. You can never fully understand the difference it makes in the lives of not only the missionaries but the people they are serving.

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