The Big Easy

We spent last weekend in New Orleans, hanging out at the aquarium and zoo, walking around eating way too much and seeing good friends and their kids.

Olivia Breedlove, the soon-to-be middle daughter of our friends, Brandon and Melissa. Melissa is an awesome photographer. To see some of her stuff click
Lily and the pumpkins that are as big as she is.

Oh, my…the goodness that spills over in this place is almost too much to handle.

These people were everywhere….EVERYWHERE!

I have no idea what they are looking at…just thought it was a sweet picture.

Mikayla, the eldest of the Breedlove girls. Precious, just precious. She made me want Lily to have long, blonde hair that I could put in pigtails. But then I remembered Lily will one day have long, RED hair I can put in pigtails and I was happy.

“Can I really pick one to take home?”

Does he look cool pushing that stroller or what?
And we end with this…it wasn’t even taken on the same day.

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