New Name

When we first signed up to go to Naples, Charlie (our supervisor) had us start a blog in order to let folks back home keep up with us. I was not super excited about it at first but over the past three years I have come to really like doing the blog. So, I decided to keep it. However, it needs a new name, and I need help coming up with that name. So bring on the suggestions!

Also, in my last post I wrote about the soccer player, Hamsik. He is from Slovakia, not wherever I said he was from. Thanks.

One thought on “New Name

  1. Hi, Paul and Mackenzie, and precious Lily. I don't have a suggestion for a new blog name, but whatever name you decide to give it, I'm so glad you'll continue the blog. Martina and I have been so blessed as we follow you in prayer. Welcome back Stateside. ><> + <><

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