What’s Next For Us

The next several months will be so crazy for us. Good crazy, but crazy. We will arrive in Jackson, MS, Monday at 6:15 p.m. and go to Kosciusko (my hometown). We will be staying at the mission house owned by First Baptist Church. After we get over jet lag, it’s off on the amazing race…or so it would seem. We’ll be between MS, LA, TX, and NC, staying no where longer than two weeks for the first three months. But come January, I’m parkin’ it somewhere.

Some of you may be thinking, “That’s a lot of places to be going. Wonder why they are traveling so much.”

I’ll tell you.

Why MS? My family is in or close to Kosciusko, as are many friends. Also, the mission house was available.

Why LA? Paul’s family is close to or in Ruston. Most of his close friends are in south LA, as is all the fishing.

Why TX? Some of our dearest friends are in the DFW area. Uncle Julio’s, Cantina Loredo, Fuzzy’s Taco Shop, and Chiptole are there, and we miss our Tex-Mex.

Why NC? Paul will be serving as the missions pastor at a new church called Revo Church in Winston-Salem. We went to seminary with one of the other pastors who asked us if we’d like to be a part of the church, with Paul serving as the missions pastor. We prayed a lot about it….a lot. We talked to the other pastor a good bit, and we found out that there is at least one other man on staff with whom we went to seminary. We are really excited about the move, which we hope will take place at the end of April. If you’d like to know more about what we will be doing with Revo and in Winston-Salem, let us know. We’d love to talk to you about it.

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