Things to Come…

With less than two weeks left in Naples, I can’t help but think of things I am excited about seeing, doing, and eating.

First, there is Uncle Julio’s, which may have the best fajitas outside of Mexico. However, we will have to wait until we go to Texas to experience the savoury flavors Uncle Julio’s has to offer.

Turkey hunting. WHAT??? Yes, I, MacKenzie, hunt turkeys….also deer. Don’t judge.

We have not really seen stars in a very, very long time. I might not even recognize them anymore.

I can’t wait to run on something other than cobblestone, somewhere with no noise, with air that is not polluted. My lungs will be happy to be filled with fresh air.

Paul is not too excited about MS State football or anything else, but I am…even if they are struggling.

Halloween = candy.
I like candy, therefore I like Halloween.
Italians do not have Halloween. I have missed all the candy.

Oh, wide open spaces…how they have been missed. It’s true that last year we spent about two weeks in the lush green mountains of Austria, but being stuck in a cement pond for 3 years can wear on you. I need green in my life.

Paul is missing the fishing. (This photo in no way represents him.)

If you have not had one of these yummy burritos. Stop, locate one, and go delve into the greatness.

I realize that we live in the land of gelato, and it is great and will be missed. But there is something about a scoop, or two or three, of Homemade Vanilla Blue Bell Ice Cream that beckons us both, especially if it is served with some hot cobbler or fresh strawberries. Be still my heart.

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