English Bible Camp

This past week six members of First Baptist Church, Kosciusko, MS came to help with an English Bible Camp held at the Worthy’s house. Their were 14 kids, 9 adults (but not all were there at the same time), and lots of fun….and maybe just a little bit of chaos every once in a while.
I like pictures, so instead of me just telling you what we did I shall use pictures in combination with words to describe our week.

We made visors. And for the rest of the week we were sweeping up the white paper that is on the back of the foam stickers and peeling the foam stickers from the bottom of our shoes.

English lessons were taught.

Every day the kids heard a Bible story from the book of Daniel. One of the workers would tell it in English and Shannon would explain it in Italian.

Snacks were eaten. Mmmm….plum cakes and pan di stelle.

It kinda looks like Shannon has something coming our of her nose here, doesn’t it?
Anyway, the kids also did worksheets that retold the bible story from the day.

Prayers were said.

The kids made a story wheel. Every “pie piece” is a different story of Daniel.

They decorated bags to take all their stuff home in.

They made cross necklaces. There were lots of crafts.

Cortney led music.

This was my contribution.

They loved on the workers and the workers loved on them.

They played games.

See….more crafts.

Doing English worksheets

Group shot

Oh, yes, I almost forgot. Candy was eaten.

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