The demasculation of husbands

Before reading this blog post watch this video:!/video/video.php?v=1052653776941

I will admit that I laughed when I watched this video, as I have laughed at many like it. About half way through though I started thinking, “Do husbands really feel like this?” and more importantly “Does my husband feel like this?”

What have we, as wives, done to our husbands? There wouldn’t be tons of comedians making fun of the way their wives treat them if there wasn’t some truth to it would there?

Let’s be honest and frank. Women say they want their husbands to be a certain way and do certain things. But is that what we really want? If it were then why would videos like this exist?
I think we want our husbands to be and do what we want them to be and do. We want to mold them into an image that we want instead of desiring them to be molded into the image of God.

Shouldn’t that be our greatest prayer and desire for our husbands? If they are imitating Christ, then they will be so much more than anything our nagging or negativity or tearing down could produce.

My friend Sharon gave me some great advice as a newly married woman. She said, “Once is telling, twice is reminding, and three times is nagging.” Good rule to go by, and honestly, I have to make a real effort to stop after that third time. I just wonder if our husbands stop giving their input, don’t like taking care of the kids, don’t help clean the house, stop dating us because we make it so difficult for them. Why should they give their opinion if we are just going to call it stupid and do what we want anyway. Why should they help with the kids or house if we are going to tell them they didn’t do it right and now we have do redo everything. Why should they date us if we are going to complain about going out or after we do go out complain about where we went to eat or movie we went to see.

How on earth can we expect our husbands to delight in the bride of his youth when we don’t give them a reason to do so?

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