Boxes of Chocolate

Yesterday when I came home from visiting a neighbor I found that Paul had been home while I was out. I know this by the evidence he left behind: a World Changers shirt, a nice little note, and a box of chocolates in the fridge….or so I thought.

Yes, on further investigation it was a box of the wonderful Gay-Odin chocolates, which I really like. I did what any other non-diabetic woman would do. I dug into that box of deliciousness. However I noticed on the box there was a note that said “From Jeremy”, who is one of the adults here with International World Changers. After eating a couple of pieces I put the box back in the fridge, not wanting that brown gold to melt in the crazy heat.

Yesterday afternoon I went down to meet the volunteers and I sat down by Jeremy and thanked him for the chocolates and how much I enjoyed the pieces I had already eaten. He told me about how his wife likes chocolates as well. And then I left to go get Lily from Paul.

Upon arriving at the other end of the piazza I told Paul how thoughtful it was that Jeremy bought me some chocolates. Here is the dialogue that followed:
Paul: “You didn’t eat any did you?”
Me: “Yeah, I ate like 2 or 3 pieces.”
Paul: “Didn’t you see the note that said FOR JEREMY?!”
Me : “What?? I thought it said FROM Jeremy!”
Paul: “Those are for his wife. I put the note on it so you wouldn’t eat any of them.”
Me: “But I thought it said From! I thought it said FROM!!!”

I asked Paul to go with me to find Jeremy to apologize for eating some of his wife’s expensive chocolates. Turns out he was watching me find out what I had done and took pictures of my reactions. We all had a good laugh and I came home and put the ribbon back on the box.
Yummy chocolates eaten: check. Embarrassing moment for the day: check.

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