So far this week

Would you like to know what we’ve been doing so far this week?

Last week we took Lily for a check-up and the little booger had only gained 150 grams in about 20 days. Needless to say, she is not packing on the pounds even though she eats a lot of food. I mean, a lot of food.

So, she is either a small baby or is not absorbing nutrients. Considering I’m small, my mom is small, my grandparents are small (you get the picture) she is probably just a small baby. But just to make sure we had to have test run.

Monday we went to the lab to have blood drawn. Ever had to do that to a six month old?? Not the way any of us, doctor included, wanted to spend our day. Dr. Nasti told us before he ever started that we were going to try one time and if it didn’t work then we would have to go to the hospital. Here’s the set-up: Lily sat in my lap, a man held one arm on the table, Paul held the other arm and her head, and Dr. Nasti drew the blood. At first no blood would flow, then it flowed a little and stopped, but finally Dr. Nasti was able to get all he needed. Meanwhile, Lily cried and cried and cried in pain. I don’t blame her though. Needles hurt. Overall though she did really really well.

But we’re not done yet. We have to get a urine sample….from a SIX MONTH OLD! You’re asking how? We asked the same question. I have no idea if this exists in America, but here in Italy you buy a little bag with a hole in the appropriate place depending on whether you have a girl or a boy that you stick to your child. You hope that some urine gets in the bag and that your child does not do anything else in that diaper because if by some miracle of a chance the urine gets in the bag it will be contaminated and you have to start all over again.

After three days we were finally successful. Today I took Lily’s sample to the lab and we will have results Friday afternoon. And that is how my week has gone so far.

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