You know the summer is here when….

Blue skies, sunny days, Neopolitans slowly shedding their coats and scarves….it must be getting warmer.

Summer is finally approaching and our lives are getting busy. My sister, Casey, is here this week (hopefully I’ll get some pictures up). Next Friday a group of 53 Tennessee Baptist youth arrive for a week. They will be doing all kinds of great fun stuff.

On June 10 Paul and I are standing by Giovanni and Francesca at their wedding. It will be a long, long day and night.

Shannon and Charlie are having English Bible Camps from June 21-25, which will require help from everyone. It is a big event. There will be two groups a day. They will learn English from the story of Daniel.

The first part of July International World Changers will be here. The day they leave everyone has to go to Rome because the next day we fly out for a meeting in Spain.

WHEW!! That’s a busy summer. I’m already tired.

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