Out of Nothing

Paul spends a good bit of time at a train station by our house talking to a homeless brother and sister, Pasquale and Filomina. We were introduced to them through a friend, Franco. We initially helped give out food, but several other groups soon began doing this and before we knew it, someone was taking food to the station every day of the week. There is a Catholic church close by where they can receive clothes and also take a shower. So, for the most part, their physical needs are being met.

Paul wanted to do something more. He wanted to be their friend. There is something to be said about meeting people’s physical needs, but there is also something to be said about filling the emptiness in someone’s day by spending time with them. Friendship is something I think a lot of us overlook when it comes to helping those less fortunate than us. My husband has not overlooked the priceless gift of friendship.

Pasquale and Filomina told Paul to come by today because they had something for him. Paul came home with a fluffy white teddy bear for Lily. Pasquale and Filomina had spent their own money on a toy….a toy. Why? My guess is because they care about Paul and wanted to do something nice for him.

They gave out of nothing. They gave a simple toy to a child who will probably never know them . How selfish am I when I do not give out of my abundance? Granted, we are not rich according to some standards but compared to a lot of people I see every single day I am.

But, here I am making this about me, when I really wanted to tell you about two people who gave a simple gift out of nothing but that meant everything.

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