We live in a city where around every corner you could find something different. So, who knew that when we (me, Paul, Lily, Cortney, Kala, and Ellie) set out Saturday afternoon we would happen upon some craziness by the sea.

What was this craziness you ask? It was the Red Bull race cars. They were showcasing up and down the street by the sea. Here are pictures from our little adventure by the sea.

The formula one car (at least that’s what Cortney told me it was)

The Nascar

The Red Bull motorbike

Me, Cortney, Ellie, and Lily chillin’ out while Paul and Kala watch the cars

one of the drivers

Kala….way too excited about her Red Bull

Kala and Cortney and the Red Bulls that would later make them hyper. It just made Cortney do her impersonation of Nascar and Formula 1 cars…in front of the whole world.

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  1. I love this post. I just got done watching Harvick win the race today at Talladega. Wish I could experience the NASCAR excitement in Italy. Naples seems like a blue color town that is more geared to that than F1.

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