African Muslim

Jason, Emily, Cortney and I were in a piazza downtown this afternoon shooting some video. While we girls were busy, Jason and an African started talking. We joined them after we finished up with our video and turns out the African is a Muslim. Jason and he were having a very good, in-depth conversation that the rest of us were able to join in on.

This man was not converted and I don’t have any idea how much of an impression was made on him (although he did say that if we wanted we could meet him again to talk more about it all). However, some impressions were made on me.

For one, this man claims to know all of the Koran by memory. I have no idea if it is a true statement or not, but why would he lie about it? That is not the point though. I think it is hard to memorize verses….VERSES and this man has an entire book memorized. I really need to spend more intentional time trying to memorize scripture. Not just to be able to say I have done it but so that I can meditate on it and so it is readily available to me.

Another thing that impressed me about this man was he believes he is right. Well, so do I, but telling someone how wrong their religion is and how right mine is will never accomplish anything. It is about showing and being Christ. Yes, I think there is a time and a place to discuss the difference between religions and why I believe what I do but it must be covered in love, not “my religion is better than yours”.

One thought on “African Muslim

  1. How true. Not much point in arguing about who is right and who is wrong. I think God just wants us to tell our story about him being in our lives.

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