One of my goals for the next six months is to meet moms in the piazzas and establish relationships with them. Sounds kinda easy right? You’d think it would be simple. We would have something in common and could talk about baby stuff. This is not always the case.

You see, Italians don’t really go out by themselves. They are usually with at least one other person. They already have a “click”, a group they hang out with. It is very hard to break into that group.

I did meet a young woman with a baby the same age as Lily, but I have not seen her again. I really hope to find her because she was very nice and did not mind talking to me.

I feel like I’m walking into 5th grade again. In 5th grade I switched schools, which meant I didn’t know anybody. It was hard to find kids to hang out with because everyone had been together since kindergarten. This is harder than meeting kids in 5th grade.

Despite how hard it is, I will continue to go out in the afternoons, sit next to other moms and small children, and try to talk to them.

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